Blind Boy Fuller — Pistol Slapper Blues lyrics

I can tell my dog,
Anywhere I hear him bark.
Well I can tell my rider,
If I feel her in the dark.

Your a cold, blooded murder,
When you want me out your way
Well that's alright mama,
You gonna need my help someday.

And you say, you gonna put me
Down in my lonesome grave
Girl you must remember
I once had been your slave

Well, I feel like slapping,
My pistol in your face.
Let some brown skinned woman,
Come and fill your place.

You know you didn't want me,
When you were stretched out across my bed.
Drinkin' moonshine whisky,
And talking all outta your head.

Gimme the money baby
I'll catch that train and go.
You don't have to kill me
Cos you don't want me no more

Cos you don't want me no more
You give me the money baby
I'll catch that train and go

Now if you see my rider
Tell her I said bring it home
I ain't had no loving
Since my girl been gone

Ain't but two kinda people,
In this world that I can't stand.
Well that's a lying woman,
And a monkey man.
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