Bo Bice — Take The Country Outta Me lyrics

I grew up on Merle Haggard, ZZ Top and CDB
And if that Freebird wasn’t soaring
Y’all would have never heard of me
Turn up Bocephus on the radio
Marshall Tucker, now can’t you see?

You can take me outta country
But you’ll never take the country outta me

Can’t go a day without Waylon Jennings
And the red haired stranger’s on my mind
Johnny Cash and Jimmy Rogers
JJ Cale and old John Prine

My Sweet Melissa keeps on calling
Take a load off Annalee
I ain’t never been to heaven
But I hear it’s just the same as Tennessee, yeah
Oh, take me home

Well, my face might seem familiar
You see me smiling on TV
They might take me out to L.A.
But they’ll never take sweet Dixieland from me, baby

They might take me out the country
But they’ll never take the country outta me
You didn’t know that I was country
Alabama’s always home to me
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