Bobaflex — Six Feet Underground lyrics

Yeah you always ridin' me
Yeah you always drivin' me
Six feet under ground
Am i insane cause i make the same fuckin' mistakes
I say i'll change but i got the same look on my face
Let me explain i'm ashamed and I'm sorry again
You know how sorry i am
Let's do it
Didn't mean to be so high
Didn't mean to be so high
I told a lie again, i told a lie again
And now i'm high again, you know i'm high again
Didn't mean to be so...
(post chorus)
Hey you, it's always someone elses fault (x2)
I didn't think you understand
(2x) I don't think you understand
You never could change me
You never could make me
It's always the same thing
Post chorus
(2x)you're always drivin' me, six feet under ground
You're really killin' me, six feet underground
You're always bringin' me down
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