Bobby Bare — Can't Seem To Get Nowhere lyrics

Here I am a livin' fast smokin' Lucky's and talkin' trash
Hangin' out on a barroom stool actin' like a fool
Out of work and out of luck stay out late and I drink too much
You see my face all over town I ought to settle down
Yes I guess I must confess look at me my life's a mess
Just like a rockin' chair I can't seem to get nowhere

All my friends are married now guess I missed the boat somehow
They all moved away last year but I'm still here
Talkin' big and wastin' time I tell the girls I'm 29
But lately I think it shows I'm gettin' old
Yes I guess I must confess...
[ guitar ]
Yes I guess I must confess..
Here I am a livin' fast...
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