Bobo In White Wooden Houses — I Wanna Keep You On My Side (4:54) lyrics

You and me feeling good and obviously
Together we were so strong
I felt so nice when I walked down to the city
On the way to you away from here
Now it's spring again
I come home with a bunch of flowers
Only to stimulate my mind
Sometimes I need such a thing for confidence
I'm looking for improvements of sense
You know it's a wornout old phrase
That you don't love me anymore
I appear four times a day with a new make up
Just to hide my tears
I want to be so strong but what do you want?
I want to be so strong
But hey what do you want?
I look for compensation my vision falls to pieces
I look for satisfaction when I can't sleep at night
But I don't need a substitute
I wanna keep you on my side
Maybe lovin' you isn't the right thing to do
It might be better I go my own way please tell me
Should I go or should I stay?
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