Bottom Line — Rocks lyrics

Goodbye and hello,
Burn, heal, but break through the bone,
And as the screen fades to gray,
Let loose on childhood games.

Blow through sky high,
The rules we live by.
Destruction, reluctance
Things that I can't see, but I'd love to touch.
Unless I get what I want, I will not cooperate,
Imitate, realizing now what's at stake.

Remember, virtue's a curse,
One that inspires this verse
And as the pressure gets strong,
Somehow the time carries on.

Throw your life away,
Or become your everything.
Sit back, and lose track
This anxious heart is about to start.
Stand behind the tears that controlled the years,
The trial for who won the war,
Realizing now I want more.

This time, it's our last chance.
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