Bow Wow — We Going Hard lyrics

(Ace Hood)
Ace Hood!
What's crackin' n***a?

(Bow Wow)

Gettin' it in, you n****s losin. We pop bottles, we really do this.
Rims on the ride, them hoes shinin'. It's ymcmb, go ahead yo need alliance
N****s lookin' tough, but they ain't bout that axle. And is she comin'
Back? You know I'm smashin
I put in work, you watch me hustle. You n****s is nerds I'm talkin' Steve
I got my soldiers with me, like the Navy n***a. It's mashed potatoes over
Here it's all gravy nigga'
Yeah a white tee, and some Nikes. And there's a hundred thousand restin on
My white tee.


Me and my n****s (Yeah!),
We goin hard (Yeah!)
A hundred stackin', we livin' large(chyeah!)
Count it up (Count it up),
How much is that? (How much is that?)
If there's a problem, we'll handle that

(Ace Hood)

You n****s lookin' for me I'm cool in the phantom, white on white I named
That b***h Hannah Montana
Strapped with that hammer, got balls like a slammer
You sleepin' on me homie, you'll die in pajamas
Grey Goose and Guinness, no coke in my veins
I'm way too fly, it's a bird it's a plane!
Anybody wanna know my name, Ace double O D with flames, ain't playin'
Around with them lames
Quarter mill that's stunt on my chain, you rappers ya'll are actors, f**k
Once don't call her after
I'm back like chiropractors, book me twenty a chapter. Flow go so damn
Flow alert and level, underrated homie still I made 2 mill a bezel.

[Chorus: X2]

(Bow Wow)

They said you the man, but I got all the power. You got in a lot? Homie I
Highly doubt it
Talkin' too much, that's how you get in trouble.
Pillow talkin' to these hoes thinkin' that they love you
See to your lines, you n****s is actors.
How you broke and trappin'? Must be hustlin' backwards
Money don't buy respect, it's rules to the game. And if you don't know,
Then you shouldn't be playin'

[Chorus: X2]
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