Brother Cane — Look For Something More lyrics

(Johnson, Frederiksen)
It's good to be so high
It's good to be here on the moon
I've seen it all collide, every time
I look for something more
But nothing seems to please my eyes
And when I'm on the floor,
I feel great, I feel fine,
What the hell, come inside
I can feel the mist it's falling
Falling down upon my face
I can hear an angel calling
Calling me to grace
Eat the seed and drink the water
Let it grow inside my mind
I believe I can find a heaven anytime
I want everything
And anything that it might bring
So I let you in
Never mind the way I'm livin'
I'm running into empty space
In a time where nothing's giving
Exit to a better place
Is it real or just obsession
I'm higher than the sky...
I look for something more
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