Brothers Osborne — Walking The Floor Over You lyrics

You left me and you went away you said that you'd be back in just a day
You've broken your promise and you left me here alone
I don't know why you did dear but I do know that you're gone

I'm walking the floor over you I can't sleep a wink that is true
I'm hoping and I'm prayin' as my heart breaks right in two
Walking the floor over you
[ mandolin ]
Now darling you know I love you well I love you more than I can ever tell
I thought that you wanted me and always would be mine
But you went and left me here with troubles on my mind

I'm walking the floor over you...
[ banjo ]
Now someday you may be lonesome too walking the floor is good for you
Just keep right on walking and it won't hurt your pride
Remember that I loved you and I will to the day I die

I'm walking the floor over you...
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