Bryan White — Blindhearted lyrics

I made a promise to myself
Never again
To get burned by someone else
Until you walked in

I felt the old magic begin
I felt the room startin to spin
As my will came tumbling down

I can't help it if I'm blindhearted
Fallin again
I can't help it if my heart has started
Slowly cavin in
And I keep on holdin out for you
Oh, I guess I'm just a blindhearted fool

I've got to find a way to live
On my own
I need to find someone who'll give
Me love that's strong

It's like a race against time
Until your face enters my mind
And you still
Burn me to the ground

(repeat chorus)

Tell everyone to gather 'round
They won't believe the view
They're looking at a blindhearted fool...
Over you
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Songwriters: B. WHITE, R. GOODRUM
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