Burns Out Bright — When Life Feed You Lemons, Choke On Them And Die lyrics

Somehow I have given up. On this in my life. All I seem to find here. Is wasted time. Of the all the hopes I have killed. One won't die easy. Life is still standing still. But I won't die easy. I try to tell myself I'm leaving. When I'm the one who's left behind. Can we make this happen faster? Because I think I'm out of time. And I'm not lost just unfound. In this place I stay. With nothing to show for now. Or any time. And I had hoped that someone. Would pull me through. The saddest part was I had thought it was you. I can hear a smile in your voice. And I can see a smile in your eyes. I'll give up just like I know I should. You'll let me down just like I knew you would
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