Burt Bacharach — The Sweetest Punch lyrics

You only saw red after I said, "how can we continue? "
Hidden from your view in the blue corner that I painted myself into
Then we started to fight and it changed everything
Here's the ring
You dropped the band
I can't understand it
Not after what we've been through
Words start to fly
My glass jaw and I will find one to walk right into
You knocked me out
It was the sweetest punch
The bell goes
I could hear it ringing but I didn't see you coming
We all say things we don't mean
You can't take it back
Now the room is spinning but......? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
I can see I'll never win
So if you're going, then you better go with him
I only saw stars
I dropped my guard and that's how it ended
What was I to do in the blue corner where I seemed to be suspended?
Then with seconds to go you delivered blow
Here I go
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