Cab Calloway — Emaline lyrics

Evening breezes hum their lullaby
There´s a million candles in the sky
I put on my sunday suit of blue
Emaline, just for you

Now I´m standing at your garden gate
And the village clock is striking eight
Hurry up
Hurry down
Honey, don´t be late

Can´t you hear my heart
Whisper through your window
Don´t you think that it´s about time
For me and you to meet

Have you told your friends, dear
Have you told your people
Then hurry up to drop them a line
About our wedding to be

In the church there´s an old bell ringer
And he´s just waiting for the time
When I put my ring on your finger
And making you mine

So, all I do is wait
For that sunday morning sun to shine
When I´m gonna walk down the line
Hand in hand with Emaline
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Songwriters: Perkins, Frank S / Parish, Mitchell
Emaline lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC