Caitlin Cary — I Ain't Found Nobody Yet lyrics

Today the sun came up in the West
And it went down in the East
If I laid awake a thousand nights
I tried to rest at least
I watch you come and go sometimes
I watch the floor for moves
The shapes in this room move so still
Just shadows of your shoes

I ain't found nobody yet
You know that did just fine
I ain't found nobody yet
They say that these things take time
I build the statues up like walls
I'm building a fortress from nothing at all
And trying to wish it away
I watch you come and go sometimes
My watch clocks the moves
I can no longer keep hearing the lies
That we can not bear to lose
I'm watching the days
All fall away like leaves
On November trees
I clearly can't see
What's in front of me
But I can't leave
I get up before the sun rises
And try not to notice the day
I wonder if I could hear what you hide
Would it be the same- Would I hear you say
That you ain't found nobody yet?
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