.Calibre — Karma lyrics

The country that I am, is lost tonight
The visions, the strucutres, the unions are sold
Delusion is a dense cold forest of intrests
Where freedom now just cannot unfold

There's salt in my eyes but I stil feel the same [x2]

Every step out of line becomes a marathon
Through solid walls of salt - karma walks on

Yeah - karma walks on

We're suffering losses - they coat bullets hot with teflon
We're suffering losses - they run star wars, they run echelon
We're suffering losses - they got traces run on everyone

Got viral blasts, shot from tv - wartactics pressed to dvd
Subsonic rounds and firewalls - espionage industrial


The blast missed none - erratic recon
The blast missed none - I see you butcher the pawns
The blast missed none - touching horizon
The blast missed none - and karma walks on

The ambush is a commonplace where you embrace the barrel smiling
And malice bares a caring face

There's salt in my eyes but I stil feel the same
And every step is a marathon
There's salt in my eyes but I stil feel the

We're suffering losses - the temperance of hydro bombs
We're suffering losses - they pop canisters of sedition
We're suffering losses - and the pointmen carry cold passion

Got blasting caps that ricochet and killing zones that lead astray
A full-blast, wipe out stategy for a militant economy

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