Casey Donovan — Here's Where I Stand lyrics

Here in the dark,
I stand before you,
Knowing this is my chance to show you my heart,
This is the start,
This is the start.
I know I'm not a child any longer.
I am stronger.
Here's where I stand,
Here's who I am,
Help me to move on but please don't tell me how,
I'm on my way,
I'm movin' now.
In this life we've come so far,
But we're only who we are,
With the courage of love,
To show us the way,
Unlock the power to stand up and say,
Here's where I stand,
Here's who I am,
Love me and we'll make it through,
Here's where I stand.
(as sung on the top 30 show by Casey Donovan: winner of Australian Idol 2004)
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