Cast — Look What It Did To My Id lyrics

Like a virgin, with an urgin, in a surgery
I'll be swinging, I'll be bringing out the nurse in me.
The art will start when I play my part
As a healer who will steal your heart
Oh look what I did to my ID.
Oh look what I did to my ID.
With neurosis in perfusion
And psychosis in your soul
Eliminate confusion
And hide inside a brand new role!
Like a good time girl I'm gonna try some new tricks
This could be the start of a whole new career
Got a deep plum lipstick and some t
This could take us to a town that's nowhere near here.
Got some heartfelt symptoms and I'm feeling sneaky
Young male intern tall and handsome
Got my hems so high they'll think I'm being cheeky.
Legs like mine were really made for dancing
Oh oh oh! Hey hey hey!
When heavens in the music
Hell is in control.
The angel's got the voices
But the Devil's got rock and roll!
We may look we're phony medics
But we took our look from a book by Frederick's
Oh look
what I did to my I'd - ID!.
Look what I did to my ID.
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