Charlotte Nilsson — Don't Give Me Up lyrics

I found somebody I can really trust
And it feels so good this time
But your not getting restless when you had enough
Just when things are going fine
I hear you baby
When your up all night
I know that you're thinking about me
I can tell that you're worried
When we have A fight
But baby, baby can't you see
Don't give me up
Don't let me down
(Sometimes our love is just A circle turning around)
Don't give me up
Don't make me cry
Coz our love will last forever
Baby don't you make me cry
Everybody can be really tough
And that goes for you and I
Now you wanna tell me that you? Re doubting us
Without even saying why
I need you baby
Every day and night
I know that you wanna be free
I can feel what you? Re missing
Wanna hold you tight
Oh baby, baby can't you see
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