Chely Wright — Some Kind Of Somethin lyrics

I wouldn't bet the farm on it yet.
But I find myself on this dangerous ledge.
Don't know if I'm fallin'.
Don't know what to call it.
But it's just like a red, red wine.
Goin' to my head.

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Some kind of somethin'.
I've never seen nothin'.
That made me feel like this.
It's too soon to say forever.
But we're only sayin' never.
Love's a definite maybe when we kiss.
And I've been passin' up every what if.
For some kind of something like this.

You're like the place between sleep and awake.
When dreams still feel real and you just wanna stay.
There with your eyes closed.
There where the heart knows.
Anything can happen.
It doesn't need a name.
It''s just.

Repeat chorus

Ooo you're underneath my skin.
Ooo that's how love begins.
With some kind of somethin' like this.

Repeat chorus

Some kind of somethin' like this.
Some kind of somethin' like this.

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