Cherry Poppin Daddies — Suicide Kings lyrics

Don't like your tone you sound confused Because your ma said i was born too loose I smoke my menthols and sport my rings Freaky toy girl don't you crack you whip on me She don't like me running with my posse the suicide kings I'll take you from your home And give you what you want in a man I'll get you stickier than strawberry jam I got skin smooth as chrome So don't you cross me or get sly I'm an american insensitive guy About polite society or questions of class This is what i want to do And i don't give a rat's ass Leave a sexy corpse live fast and die young With suicide superstar cool I'm destiny's child ride tree or die You've got to live before you're chucked in the sod The wind is cold the times are hard Black leather gimme tougher skin It's all a hustle out on the street So that i can compete Ain't nobody gonna crack that whip
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