Cherry Poppin Daddies — Teenage Brainsurgeon lyrics

I am the teenage brainsurgeon The butcher of hellhouse Descend into the maelstrom With the grinning dr. klaus Uncle creepy and the giant pink hand Feel the wrath of the scorpion Imp of the perverse Dead bodies crawlin" out of the dirt Teenage brainsurgeon A mutant strain of dna Submit to my i.q. I am a psycho teenage Angry young man age Fly in the ointment youth Step into the black and white vacuum Yours is the fate of the mutineers Wiggle with the hypo-wheel I'll purge your world and make you kneel You'll sleep no more Nazi robots in straight jackets My killer klowns want vengeance They're laughing behind the green door Teenage brainsurgeon I'm gulpin' blood and playin' cards Before my lunatic kill quest Plunge an ice pick in their chest I am the teenage brainsurgeon I know the value of people who are sheep I thirst for psychotic reactions and shock therapy girls The ruler of the dark world
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