Cherry Poppin Daddies — You Better Move lyrics

I learned the lessons of survival of a rival When l'ze ten years old I was so bony that i had to get the lead out He made a muscle and i realized "you're doomed" It's a piss poor pair of legs that let's it's ass get kicked You better move You better find out something better to do People dig the peace sign With the one finger You use to pull the trigger But it's not the one that I don't think you're funny Ten pins up your colon and my bowlin' ball is rollin' Kissin' ass for money I almost chilled in my jammies when he said "your hair is red white and blue" This man would not oblige and not listen to reason Reached in my pocket and i offered up a peace pipe Feet don't fail me now because it's freak hunting season You better find out something better to do You better move Homeboys big yeah give him the slip Like michael jackson say you gotta beat it That big dummies lust not worth a shit High step stepchild this ain't heaven I'm small and poor but i refuse to lose I'm one of 13 kids my hair is red white and blue Now it cuts like a knife I been runnin' all my life i sharpened my wit You better move You better find out something better to do Stop crying in yo' coffee fool You got soul and you're super bad They're all alike and they're sappy and sad You got sneakers baby make 'em move Don't let 'em put you in jail Don't let 'em cross you up You're not a garbage dump You're not a garbage pail You got a right to feel alone
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