China Crisis — Sunrise On The Mersy lyrics

There's a Sunrise on the Mersey
And I guess it looks kind of pretty
With a glowing of Red and a hint of the Sun
Summer is here the day has just begun

Five A. M in the Morning
Seems to be no one around
The sound of Milk bottles in the distance
The Milk Man's doing his round

On the Waterfront Birds are flying by
Like a silhouette beneath the Morning Sky
Ferrie's on the River passing by
Feel so happy life is one big high

And there's a Sunrise on the Mersey
And I know it looks rather pretty
With a glowing od Red and the rays of the Sun
Summer is here a happy time for everyone

The Liver Birds are standing tall
Guarding the City like a solid Brick Wall
Crossing the River the Water's a murky coloured Wine
I feel so happy now
Now i'm feeling fine....
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