Chris Ledoux — Running Through The Wind lyrics

Last night we rode our broncs in Seattle me and Bill packed the car in the pourin' rain
Witch and John were at the beer stand gettin' sprung
But we got 'em gathered and hit the road again
Chewin' snoose and spittin' in a bottle with country music blastin' on the radio
Talkin' girls and broncs and gold beltbuckles rollin' south to a California rodeo
Just rollin' down that great American highway with the mornin' sky lit up like a flame
Chasin' dreams and followin' a rainbow like children runnin' through the rain

Well it's rodeo time in Oakdale California
And we stumble with the trash out of the car
And ole Bill looks at me through whiskers and wild red eyeballs
And says we look more like hobo's than big-time rodeo stars
Well we ride our broncs and we all win a little money
And there's Witch over at the beer stand again
But look he's got his arm around a little California honey
And Bill says I wonder if that lady there's got any friends
Just rollin' down that great...

Well the years went by and now we've all got families
Ah but we still get together every now and then
And we talk about all the bad broncs and good times
Lord sometimes I wish I was back on that road again
Just rollin' down that great...
Just chasin' dreams and followin' a rainbow
Like crazy children runnin' through the rain
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