Cindy Alexander — Prophet lyrics

Six a.m.
It's a cinnamon dawn
All burnt out and I never made it home
I don't wanna go home

You're fixed for a fight
But I'm rock-a-bye gone
I love you but
I wanna be alone

Is it O.K. to be alone?
I need to soak up my own storm

Close your eyes
It's gone
It's all right
And I'm wrong
Where did I go
Inside my head
Save my pillow
I'll be back
Before the prophet

Cleaned the house
Cleaned the car
Washed my body
But I couldn't hide the scars
This time I really went too far

Is it O.K.
To wanna die
To shut the light out for a while


And he asks me a question
Then he steals away my tongue
I never asked for the lesson
Cut my fingers
And make me play
Until it's done


I love you but
I wanna be alone
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