Clannad — Ta 'me Mo Shui lyrics

TГЎ mГ© mo shuГ­
(I am sitting)

TГЎ mГ© mo shuГ­ Гі d'Г©irigh'n ghealach arГ©ir
Ag cur tein-e sГ­os-go buan is ГЎ fadГі go gГ©ar
TГЎ bunadh a' tГ­ 'na luГ­ is tГЎ mise liom fГ©in
TГЎ na coiligh ag glaoch 'san saol 'na gcodladh ach mГ©
I am sitting up since the moon arose last night
Putting down a fire again and again and keeping it lit
The family is in bed and here am I by myself,
The cocks are crowing and the country is asleep but me.

'Sheacht mh'anam dГ©ag do bhГ©al do mhala is do ghrua
Do shГєil ghorm ghlГ©-gheal fГЎare thrГ©ig mГ© sionnach na lГєb
Le cumha do dhiaidh nГ­ lГ©ir dom an bealach a shiГєil
Is a charaid mo chlГ©ibh tГЎ na slГ©ibhte 'dul idir mГ©'s tГє
I love your mouth, your eyebrows and your cheeks
Your bright blue eyes for whose sake I stopped hunting the wily fox
In longing for you I cannot see to walk the road
Friend of my bosom, the mountains lie between me and you.

Deiridh lucht lГ©inn gur claoite an galar an grГЎ
Char admhaigh mГ© Г© is Г© 'ndiaidh mo chroГ­ istigh a chrГЎ
Aicid rГі-ghГ©ar, faraor nГЎare sheachain mГ© Г­
Is go gcuireann sГ­ arraing is cГ©ad go gГ©ar trГ­ cheart-lГЎare mo chroГ­
Learned men say that love is a fatal sickness
I never admitted it until now that my heart is broken:
It's a very painful illness, alas, I have not avoided it,
And it sends a hundred arrows through the core of my heart.

Casadh bean-tsГ­ dom thГ­os ag Lios BhГ©al an Бtha
D'fhiafraigh mГ© di an scaoilfeadh glas ar bith grГЎ
Is Г© dГєirt sГ­ gos Г­seal I mbriathra soineannta sГЎimh
"An grГЎ a thГ©id fГЎn chroГ­ nГ­ scaoiltear as Г© go brГЎth"

I met a fairy woman at the Rath of Beal an Atha
I asked her would any key unlock the love in my heart
And she said in soft simple language
"When love enters the heart it will never be driven from it".
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