I was waitin' to vote down at city hall
Watchin' gas go up and the stock market fall
When he asked me, "You waitin' on Obama?"
I said, "I guess. How 'bout you?"
And he said, "Son, since George W,
"I've been waitin' on Obama"

When Mccain picked her as his running mate
I thought for sure that they'd be great
Till she spent a hundred thousand just on clothing
And the last eight years have been so long
Seems like everything's gone wrong
But as far as Republicans go, she's sure is a hottie
Have we lost our mind, we'll know in time
Waitin' on Obama

He's got a brand new, four year plan
He'll get 'em out of Afghanistan
Bring 'em on home, we're waitin' on Obama
And if he lowers my taxes like he says he'll do
And if half of what he says is true
Well, it'd be worth it waitin' on Obama

'Cause I've hardly been anywhere
With the price of gas this year
Sometimes, I think they did it 'cause they can do it
Billions spent on bailout plans
While they stick it to the working man
I guess by now, they think we're used to it
Now, I'm killin' time in the welfare line
Waitin' on Obama

I saw where all the polls have shown
It's way past time for Bush to go
And that makes sense 'cause I know folks is ready
So, stop, here comes Obama time
And once he's in that house of white
I'll get myself some credit if they've got any

Don't waste our time, there's a real long line
Waitin' on Obama
We're just bidin' time, even Joe Plumber's in line
Waitin' on Obama
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