Colin James — It Ain't Over Yet lyrics

It seems the clock is always
Stuck at 10 to 2
Cause that's the time
That you walked out
And I lost you
I decided I would stay
And wait it out
Hoping I could still be
All you cared about
It aint over yet
No it aint over
You never gave me
Half a chance to prove myself
It did me in when you took up
With someone else
Now I can tell you
I am made of stronger stuff
Ill convince you
If I hold on long enough
It aint over yet
No it aint over yet
I know you packer your bags
And left
And it's as bad as it can get
But it aint over yet
Some say that when I lost you
I lost my mind
But really
I'm seeing clearer all the time
That it aint over yet
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