Color Me Badd — Farmer's Daughter lyrics


The farmers daughter got a one track mind
Give me some time to let me show you baby
Yo daddies in the house,he ain't lookin'
I noticed you been peekin' at me suga
Iwanna hit you girl behind the haystacks
Ya finger lickin' like a funky chicken
And i know ya like when i do that
You can have my cars and my money
Coz all i need is what ya make me feel
And i love ya
You and me word to mom
Still checkin' each other out, hey
You and me, take ya to the sexiest places
Still we got time for a little....WATCH YOUR MOUTH
Oh,my bad hope ya will spend the night
We can do things we never even tried, Mmmmmm
Oh farmers daughter
Child, you know what i want


Apple, peaches, pumpkin pie
That's the way you tasted inside,well
Suga tell me something good
I would eat you if i could
Saturday we can freak in the woods
And i'm gonna take you downtown on say tuesday
Oo it good
Allright now, express yourself
Ah baby, all right

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Songwriters: Toussaint, Allen / Abrams, Bryan Kyeth / Calderon, Mark Elra / Thornton, Kevin Kraig / Watters, Samuel J / Mc Daniels, Darryl Matthews / Simmons, Joseph Ward
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