I've been thingking lately
Bout the time you spend with me
And I've been wondering
If you really knew
Everybody needs someone
To help them through the maze
Did you realize my someones you
I've been down and out and youve been there
I've been less then kind sometimes I know
I don't have to see your face to know you care
And youve been a friend to me
Thank you, for being mine forever girl
For being by my side
You know I love you
And I need you too.. Thank you
Sometimes when it's late at night
And everything is cold
I think about you and I feel warm inside
Maybe I've neglected you
And so it's time you told
You have helped me make it through my life
Let me say the words that you should hear
Let me say them till I made it clear
Youre my lady
I believed that love is more than just a kiss
And you have shown me this
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