Conway Deborah — Will You Miss Me When You're Sober? lyrics

Deborah Conway
Will you miss me when you're sober
Will you remember me when you're not overcome
With bloodshot eyes and breath stinking of rum
Will you give me a thought
Well I was taught
The hard way not fal for drunks like you
Experience has torn my brain in two
And I don't think so clearly now
But I wonder how
I let you get away with murder all the time
It must have been some crazy state of mind
But I want you to know that I'm all better now
Cause you've been caught
Red handed stuck inside the honey pot
Your fly's undone but you still don't know what's what
But reassured I'm gonna let you know
Cause I got to go
And I'm taking the bar with me when I leave
It's a sure way to guarantee you'll grieve
If only for a day
You might even find out that
You will miss me when you're sober
You might remember me when you're not overcome
With your whiskey tears and feeling close to numb
That you'll give me a thought
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