Conway Twitty — Before I'll Set Her Free lyrics

I stood and saw the judge's gavel fall
And much to my dismay these words I've heard him say
I've listened to your story boy and it seems to me
You'd be better off if you'll set her free.

But I love her, I love her, down on my knees I cry
And I don't want to lose her, heaven knows I try
To make her happy, but she wants more than me
And I'll take her like she is, before I'll set her free

--- Instrumental ---

Judge, I know she loves me in her own kind of way
Even though she hurts me a hundred times a day
You tell me that it's better that I should set her free
But judge what would you do if you were me.

You see I love her, I love her, inspite of all she's done
And I'll keep right on hoping, someday that time will come
When she'll decide that she wants only me
And I'll take her like she is before I'll set her free...
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