Cormier Gordon — Dance With Me lyrics

G. Cormier
I've been sittin' in this barroom starin' at the dance floor
Wonderin' what I'm gonna do
The band is playin' rock & roll music
And I just wanna dance with you
I'll have another drink and maybe I'll get the courage
To ask you if you'd like to dance
But the longer I sit here the harder it gets
And I don't wanna lose the chance
So baby&come on dance with me
And I'll treat you just like a lady
Come on dance with me
Girl, I'm hopin' that maybe&you'll dance with me
I finished my drink and I walked to her table
I couldn't think of words to say
Then I remembered what my daddy said
Don't be shy, just say what you wanna say
Girl, I've been watchin' you across a crowded barroom
You've been drivin' me wild
Thought I'd take a chance, and ask you to dance
Just to be with you for a while
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