Cr33 — Broken lyrics

Why can't I get past this I just break in two
And you find me alone whispering Your name.
My shame engulfs me won't You bring me out of this unholiness I pray.
Won't You snuff the fear growing inside of me.
Cause when You're near I feel a fight in me.
I don't want to be a double-minded soul so won't You please forgive me?
Lead me not into temptation but deliver me from evil.
Now to you I testify.
God takes care of me.
The time has come it's do or die.
There's no scaring me away.
You save me from all the overwhelming thoughts I cannot control.
I know You're there.
I can feel You underneath my skin and we are one.
I want them to see that I am all for You
And when I'm tested, I will remain true.
Fight the temptations and I will overcome
And I won't stop 'til Your Kingdom come.
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