Crabb Family — He Aint Never Done Me Nothin But Good lyrics

He ain't never done me nothin'
Done me nothin' but good
Nothin' but good
Ooo, ooo ooo,
He ain't never done me nothin'
Done me nothin' but good,
Nothin' but good.

Verse 1
Job was a righteous man, the devil couldn't doubt it.
He surely loved the Saviour, there was no doubt about it.
But satan cursed his body from his feet to his head;
Told him all his children and his cattle we dead.
Job's wife said, "Why don't you curse your God and die?"
But Job said, "Woman, you're speakin' like a foolish child".


Verse 2
I gave my heart to Jesus and I took Him as my Saviour.
I cast my lots with the chosen ones and I started out to Heaven.
Soon I was forsaken and my friends left one by one;
But the good Lord walked beside me and He never left me alone.
He feed me when I was hungry,
He cheered me when I was sad.
He has been the dearest friend this child has ever had.


Verse 3
History tells of Polycarp who died for the gospel's sake.
They built a fire around him and they tied him to a stake.
But the fire could not comsume him,
So they pierced him with a sword.
The fire went out, the blood ran down,
But still he praised the Lord.
All my years I've served Him, He ain't done me nothin' but good.
Well, I won't repent and I won't recant,
Just tell me why I should.

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