Crack The Sky — The Radio Cries (It's Singles Time) lyrics

When I close my eyes to fall asleep
The radio takes over my room
I try to sympathize and think it's me
But I just hear the same old tunes
I watch the little line as I turn the dial
And try to find something new
But all I get is more of the superstars
Climbing up from Number 2

Ah every single time, it's singles time
Ah every single time the radio cries
It's singles time

She left me for some guy the other day
A DJ on from 10 to 2
He showed her how to figure out the countdown
Now she wants to be a DJ too
So when I close my eyes to fall asleep
And I take my radio to bed
I hear my old girlfriend and the superstars
And it's driving me right out of my head

Repeat chorus
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