Cracker — Dixie Babylon lyrics

Section 1:
A-e-f#m-(slide down to e)-d(sus4)
A-e-f#m-(slide down to e)-d(sus4)

Section 2:

A we went down to the e old part of town
By the f#m stinking canal and the cotton (slide down to e)-d(sus4) mill
Under a a ghetto palm with her e bicycle shorts on
With a f#m gesture she (slide down to e) said to d(sus4) me

D I e really must con-f#m-fess
C#m I'd like to d get undressed bm with e(7) you
D and though the e thought had never really f#m crossed my mind,
C#m oh, but d that was a lie bm so we went a-e(7)-long

We ran out under the turning leaves
And the fetid earth, it was damp and cool
Autumn's feeble light on her salty neck
All innocence it was lost

I really must confess
I'm feeling quite distressed, my stars are always crossed
But I have always taken more than I have given back
And as a matter of fact, I've given nothing up

Repeat section 1

Repeat section 2 to finish

End chord: a
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