Cramps — Dames, Booze, Chains, And Boots lyrics

Evil eye hotshot. Full tilt nonstop. Tidalwave avalanche. Parked down at the ranch. A gulpin' go - juice. Choppped and channeled deuce. Custon chrome reverse. Jacked up Egyptian curse. She God Shanghail. Surfin' bird 'n' fur pie. See God 'n' hang five. Papa oo mow oo my. Dames, Booze, Chains, and Boots. Torso tossin'. Shockwave a causin'. A wammy in the boogaloo. Busted up bustle, too. Gear strippin' dynamo. Limbo down kinda low. I can do the camel walk. Torture me. I won't talk. Down in the fashion pits. Girls wearin' tourniquets. Rough and ready riff raff. Straight jacket sneak attack. Wig hat jack knife. Out on bail for life. S** in the cycle set. Mama don't allow no pets.
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