Cree Summer — Poem Of Revelation Sunshine Live lyrics

The dawning tells the dewdrop
The dewdrop tells the flower
The flower tells the raindrop
The raindrop tells the shower
The shower tells the rainbow
And what do rainbows do ?
They tell the sky
To tell the star
That makes a wish come true
The first star smiles shiling
And very very soon
He tells the other stars
That it's time to sprinkle stardust on the moon
The moon then shouts a word away
On wings of wondering wind
They whisper to a bird
The bird begins to sing his song
Tell this world of mine
This whole wide world will waken
Tell the sun to rise and shine
The sunshine shone upon my love
My love so fine to see
My love woke me with a kiss
To tell that he loves me
How then should I tell my love ?
I tell it to the dawn
The dawning tells the dewdrop
And on and on and on
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