Crest — Another Life lyrics

I'm sick of all this emptiness I've chosen for a life.
Without no direction, it's a never-ending strife.
It seemed so perfect as I planted fertile seeds.
But in this barren soil I've lost my basic... I've lost my basic needs.

Sometimes I'm afraid I've lost my way.
Certain I always fail to cease the day.
Somewhere I began to go astray.
If I could only change...
Another life is all it takes.

I wish that I could leave this trap, I want another me.
I find myself in places I was not supposed to be.
At the finger post I try to look another way.
But all I see is future forming the shape of something... The shape of something gray.


If there was a way to live my life again,
I'd make sure that I would avoid the pain
Of moving silently, floating with the streams
'till undercurrents drag me under.

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