Cross Canadian Ragweed — Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground lyrics

This goes out to a really good friend of ours that we lost to a heart attack a couple of days ago. His, uh, his funeral's on
Monday. His name is Poodie. He was Willie Nelson's road manager for 35-plus years, and he died at his mother's house of a
Massive heart attack with no pain right next to his mother. So it was a good passing for one of the greatest, most selfless
People in the world. Poodie Locke, God rest your soul, my friend.

If you had not a-fallen
I would not have found you
Angel flying too close to the ground

I patched up your broken wing
And hung around awhile
Tryin' to keep your spirits up
And your fever down

I knew someday you would fly away
Love's the greatest healer to be found

Leave me if you need to
I will still remember
Angel flying too close to the ground


Fly on, fly on
Pass the speed of sound
I'd rather see you up than see you down

Repeat Chorus 2x
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