Crystal Lewis — Turn Your Heart Around lyrics

Bill Baumgart

Crystal-Searchin' all night to find a reason why
I should hold back my love from you
And let my fear breakthrough

Bill-You know he's got you in this season
Waiting for love to turn your heart around

So don't all of your life living out on your own

Crystal-I know what you say is true

Bill-He will never let you spend one more night all alone

Crystal-Lord I do believe in you
I've tried so hard to find the answers
But all I've found is a lonely road
I don't know where to go

Bill-Well I know that I don't have all the answers
But Jesus is Lord and he loves you so

Oh my Lord, I feel how much you care

Bill-He'll never leave you now
Through all he will be there

Crystal-Now in my life I have a reason
Because I know that his love is true
I can see him in you

Bill-Well, I'm glad that he brought you through this season
And he used his love to turn your heart around
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