Cummings Burton — My Own Way Back lyrics

My own way to rock Burton Cummings
I'm reving up my engine
I'm like a seven forty seven
I'm a shiny lanky long and lean... And I'm lean
I'm reving up my engine baby
Like a seven forty seven
I'm a lanky long and lean... What a scene
I'm going to take my silver dollar
And change it into quarters
Shove them in the record machine... Uh uh ha!
My baby said she loved me
But then she went and left me
Causing such an awful scene... What a scene
My baby said she needed me
You know that ((danger went and left me))
((Causing such an awful scee-ee-ene))... What a scee-ee-ee-ene,
Taking my silver dollar
((Shave them in the corners))
((Shove them in the record machine))... Yes!
'cause I got my own way to rock
I got my own way to roll
And when you're walking that walk
It's good for your soul
You know I'm singing about ((my own way to rock))
I got ((my own way to roll))
And ((when you're walking that walk))
((It's good for your soul))
{ piano solo }
{ guitar solo }
{ organ solo }
{ sudden stop }
One two three four! {
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