Curl Up And Die — Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left,… lyrics

She sent a curve in the current of faintly feeling alive and insecurity got the better part of me. Courage came seeping out and left me the weakened boy. Sleepless nights enveloped in you. Just say your hands will never leave mine. Everything that was always is a misshaped box. So let these rain drops fall down my face to hide away the tears. The last ones she'd and I've noticed a difference in the chair. Leave me laying in the cement. The falling for you is me falling apart and did he ever find the comfort in woven wings? Please don't leave me hanging by my neck like this. My body falls silent as your head falls upon my shoulder. I can't stop thinking of you. I want to hear your voice through these wires. I want to be held within your arms. I'm reaching for you but I'm afraid you're already gone.
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