Cyndi Grecco — Love Him In December lyrics

Don't you worry
I won't try to make him come back to me
If he doesn't want to stay
Just want to tell you what would make him happy
What might keep from leaving you
The way he's leaving me today

He takes his coffee in the morning
Just a little warning
Lukewarm, with cream
The softer kind of singing sends his heart to winging
Sing him a dream
Love him in December, so he won't remember me

Wasn't his fault
Wasn't my fault either
Before we started
Guess we should've thought it through
Now you've got him
So before you lose him like I lost him
Let me tell you what to do
So he won't be leaving you

He likes his cigarettes and brandy
You better keep them handy, come sweet loving time
Talking about the good days
Trying out the new ways
Songs that don't rhyme
Love him in December, so he won't remember me
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