Cynstar — Koolaid Dreams lyrics

Running through the backyard tripping around was a joy
The love of a girl and a boy was invisible to me.
My fingers fumbled while tying my shoes,
"What's the use?" I said as I ran again you see
Koolaid dreams and teddy bear memories
The freedom of youth never meant so much to me
Adolesence rips at the days long gone by
Only now I'm too old to cry,
Now I'm too old to cry...
Now I try to make the grade for everyone but myself
Everyone else expects the universe of me
It seems like I'm feeling older everyday
I say "Hey, well freedom should be easy!"
When I die I want written on my stone
"She was alone, but a world unto herself."
When I get into the real world out there
I won't give a care about anybody else
Fashion doll dreams and candy cane memories
The freedom of truth never meant so much to me
Adolesence rips at truths long gone by
But I'm too scared to fly
I'm too scared to fly...
But I'm too old to cry
I'm too old..... To cry...
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