D-a-d — Last Mango In Paris lyrics

When I'm wrong I admit it
When I'm right I shut up..
But, if you're hairless with apes
You get to mop the mess up
You do me no justice
You can't sentence or judge me
I know you can't grade me (oh no)
Change is pain
So here we go:
Yeah, yeah, yeah
What a show
I won't bossanova my way outa this
No no no
What a blow
I won't bossanova my way outa this
This, I know: I won't bossanova my way outa this
It feels good to be careless
Last mango in Paris
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I've fooled everyone completely
Everyone, except you..
And maybe a few others
That was all there was to do (Yeah, what can a fool do?...)
I got clothes in my wardrobe
They'll make me feel allright
I was aiming to please
'Coz you see... Yeah
There's just a few of us...
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