Dag Nasty — La Penita lyrics

Sitting here like forty ounces
Waiting to be drunk
I always seem to want what I don't want
It's more than I can handle
Still I want another shot
Even without it , five minutes from now
I'll find I can't stand up
On the edge , I've been there
And it's just as crowded as back home
Though the waves are strong
It's easy enough to swim on back to the shore
Sometimes , couldn't my eyes just stay at home ?
'cause sometimes
Seeing doesn't see me through
Someday maybe someday
Couldn't we take all our mirrors down
'cause sometimes seeing doesn't see me through
I'd love to believe you
When I say always and all ways :)
But from what I've seen
You can't see me through
There's a question in your head
Though you're thinking
" not this time"
Don't be afraid to ask
Don't be afraid to care
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