Danko Jones — I Love Living In The City lyrics

Busted the safe stole the key to the city
Made out with your sister, the one I think is pretty
I think you're cool but you're acting kinda silly
Don't want your girl man she's too damn ugly
I went down south, but I left in a minute
You said it was kickin' but you was only shittin'
I love the girls but the girls get crazy
I always wonder why but then I meet the Mommy

I.. Love.. Living... Living in the city (x2)

You got the shakes but I like the way your movin'
You want a lucky break but you need more improvin'
I like the way you coped your stuff from Sticky Fingers
I'd compliment you but your head keeps getting bigger
I take the sidestreets to avoid a confrontation
I thinki'm out of step like Minor Threat Baby
You look me up and down while standing in line
You got a lot of attitude for someone going out of style

I.. Love.. Living... Living in the city (x6)
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