Danny Michel — Another Love Song lyrics

If I say that I love you, will you just leave me alone?
I don't know what more I can do,
To keep you happy, to call my own.
If I said that I hate you, would you just sink like a stone?
Would you break out the champagne,
To celebrate the breaking of another backbone?
If I said that I need you, would you remind me I don't?
Would you climb down inside me?
Help bail water from this leaking boat.
If I say that I'm leavin, all my courage in a gutless note,
Oh man that way would be easy,
With all those big words stuck in my throat.
So unmask sign and spic and span, sing a song I'll understand.
Give me something to believe,
Another love song is the last thing we need.
We all need.
If I say that I love you, would you just leave me alone?
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